Indian Railway: If you are going to book railway ticket, then keep these things in mind

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: The network of Indian Railways is huge. Everyday millions of people travel through it. For travel, you have to book tickets online or at PRS counters.

Along with this, you do all the things everyday to travel in the train, but have you ever paid attention to the concessions offered by the Indian Railways? Yes, Railways gives concessions to its passengers. Let us know about Indian Railway Concession Rules

Indian Railways provides travel concessions to various categories of passengers including award winners, unemployed youth, students, army personnel, disabled, escorts, tourist guides, patients, women, doctors etc.

Indian Railways concession is applicable only on tickets booked from Station Ticket Reservation Counters. However, you can avail the benefits of concession to disabled person and concession of railway pass online.

Passengers can avail only one type of concession at a time.
Travel concession is applicable for a minimum distance of 300 kms.

Types of Concession Available in Indian Railways

Earlier, 53 types of concessions were available in railway tickets. But after the outbreak of covid19, Indian Railways has canceled 38 rail concessions including senior citizen concession in Indian Railways. However, the facility of giving lower berths is available to senior citizens. Currently, Indian Railways offers 15 types of IRCTC rail concessions including students, which can be classified into 3-categories.

These people get concession

Rail concession is given to the patients. In patient category, Indian Railways allows 50% to 100% concession for 11 types of patients, which include cancer patients, non-infectious leprosy patients, heart patients, kidney patients, thalassemia major disease patients, hemophilia patients, AIDS patients etc. are included.

Indian Railways gives concession for the Person with Disabilities category. Under Persons with Disabilities category, Indian Railways provides 25%-75% concession for 4 types of disabilities, which include Orthopedically Handicapped/Paraplegic Persons, Visually Impaired Persons, Mentally Challenged Persons, and Deaf & Dumb in Sleeper and AC classes person is included.

IRCTC also provides discounts to students. Indian Railways girl students up to graduation and boys up to class 12th going on home town and educational tour. Also issues concessional tickets in IRCTC for girls appearing for entrance exams like medical engineering etc.

Under these railway concessions, students can get Monthly Season Ticket (MST) and Quarterly Season Ticket (QST) in sleeper and second sitting class. Girls up to graduation and boys up to class 12th can get free second class MST. Students participating in any tournament organized or recognized by schools or universities will also be eligible for the concession.

Get Discounts in These Ways

You can take concession from station reservation centre. You will have to submit the required documents directly at the ticket booking offices of the station.

Or, to avail the concession, you have to approach the designated commercial officers of the Railway Zone, Division or Zonal Railway Headquarters.

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