I'm alive too sir! Department showed dead, Divyang wandering to prove himself alive

pension death

Newz Fast, New Delhi: The department had stopped pension in 2021, not yet resolved

Just as a person in Rohtak had to take out the Rath Yatra and tell that he is alive. Similarly, in Tohana also a disabled person is trying to prove himself alive.

Balindra, a resident of Ward-2 of Tohana, has been shown dead in the papers by the department, due to which his disability pension has been deducted since 2021. Since then till now Divyang Balinder is wandering for justice.

Added her name in mother's death certificate
Balinder told that he is 75 percent disabled, in 2021 his mother died, so he made a death certificate, but Balinder's Aadhar card was added to that certificate.

Due to which his name was added in the death certificate and his pension was deducted. Not only this, he also submitted the papers to deduct his name from the death certificate, but the department is still asleep.

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