If you do not press this button on Gmail, you may be at loss, know how to fix it


Newz Fast, New Delhi: If you also have multiple accounts in Gmail and YouTube, then your loss can happen at any time.
Today we are going to tell you here what can be wrong due to having multiple accounts in Gmail. Here we will give information on how you can choose the main account and avoid the hassle. At the same time, if you have different accounts not only on Gmail but also on YouTube, then you may have problems in this too.

What is Gmail Multiple Accounts?
In today's time, most of the work is done through Gmail account only. If you have an Android phone then before doing anything you must have a Gmail account. On the other hand, even if you have an iPhone, you will still have to add a Gmail account for Google service.

When we login, from Google phone to laptop, it gets logged in. At the same time, many people keep accounts in two Google due to work, in which one is personal and the other is used in a professional way and due to these accounts there is a mistake.

If you have opened personal account in your phone and want to send mail in office then you send mail without looking. Of course, the mail will go away, but it will go to junk or may even go to spam. For this you need to check your account before sending mail.

How to change default account
Its process is very simple, in this you have to keep in mind from which mail account you are sending the mail.

On desktop or laptop
# open gmail
# Click on the profile photo in the far right corner
# All Gmail accounts will be shown to you
# Now click on the account you want to use
# That will become your default account.

Gmail multiple account
in smartphone
# Exactly the same process. Open Gmail and click on your profile picture. All accounts will be visible in front. And you choose the account according to the need.

In youtube
Now it is needed in YouTube because here also you are logged in with multiple accounts. Therefore, if you never see your playlist or do not see your favorite channels, then there is nothing to worry about.

Just click on your profile picture on the YouTube home page to see it. The option to change account will appear. If something has been subscribed or liked by any other channel by mistake, then fix it and choose the right account.

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