IPS Story: Married at the age of 14, mother of 2 children at the age of 18

N. Ambika

Newz Fast, New Delhi: If you have a strong spirit, then a person can achieve any position. Such people become an inspiration to others. Today we are going to tell you about such a woman who fulfilled her dream by raising her intention.

Similarly, Tamil Nadu resident N. Ambika (N. Ambika) did it and became an IPS officer. After completion of training, she got her first posting in Maharashtra and now she is recognized as Lady Singham of Mumbai.

How did the idea of ​​becoming an IPS come about?

According to the India Times report, N. Ambika (N. Ambika) once went to see the Republic Day police parade with her constable husband, where she saw her husband saluting the police officers and wondered how I can get this honor.

When Ambika talked to her husband about this, he told that getting this honor is not so easy and it requires hard work. After taking complete information about UPSC, Ambika decided to give entrance exam of civil services.

Then started studying again

After getting UPSC C information N. Ambika (N. Ambika) started her studies again and first passed the 10th examination.

After 12th she did her graduation from distance learning and then she had become capable of realizing the dream of becoming an IPS officer. After this he started preparing for UPSC exam.

Husband supported

N. Ambika and her family lived in a small town, which did not have adequate education facilities. Ambika's husband then arranged for his wife to live and study in Chennai.

He fully supported his wife's studies and started taking care of the children along with the job himself.

Tamil Nadu resident N. Ambika was married at the age of 14 to a police constable from Dindikal and by the age of 18 she had become the mother of two children.

Ambika was busy taking care of her household and children. The thought of becoming UPSC and IPS in his mind was not far and wide. While living in Chennai, N. Ambika worked hard and prepared a lot for UPSC exam.

However, despite this, he failed three times in a row. When Ambika did not pass for the third time, her husband asked her to return, but she insisted on trying one last time and her husband agreed.

IPS officer made in fourth attempt

N. Ambika gave all her strength in the fourth attempt and cleared the difficult UPSC exam in 2008. After this his dream of becoming an IPS officer was fulfilled and after completion of training, he got his first posting in Maharashtra.

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