Husband's breathing increased by putting his life at stake

jholachap kidney nikalta rh case 2022

Newz Fast, New Delhi: A similar case has come up in the area as well. Rekha Khandelwal, a resident of Bhaisadamandi Gandhi Nagar Colony, has saved the life of her husband in distress due to a bad kidney by giving his kidney.

He has donated his life by giving a kidney to his husband. Before giving the kidney, when the doctor and the court asked her the opposite questions, Rekha said that if her husband needs her, she is ready to give both the kidneys.

After completing the legal process, Rekha Khandelwal saved her husband Rajesh's life by giving him a kidney and wished her husband a long life.

People were scared
Rekha Khandelwal told that when I was going through the process of donating kidney, people said that the donor also gets some kind of diseases, he also has to take medicines throughout his life.

Today I have become completely healthy, I do not have any disease in any way and I am not taking any medicine. He said that the lives of loved ones can be saved without any illusions and doubts.

Rajesh Khandelwal, a resident of Bhaisadamandi, suddenly suffered from kidney disease and started being unwell for many years, he got treatment for many years, when more disease took hold, doctors in Ahmedabad advised him to do kidney transplant.

On which his wife got all the tests done, agreeing to give the kidney immediately. All tests came positive. On which a few months later Rekha's kidney was transplanted to Rajesh.

I have no words to praise

Rajesh Khandelwal told that I have no words to praise my wife. He has saved my life. Since 30 years of marriage, I have been observing Karva Chauth fast for my long life. I also play my part with him in this fast. Rajesh said that the breath I am taking is because of my wife.

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