Heart Attack: Woman dies of heart attack in flying flight, landing had to be done immediately

heart attack

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: Many cases often come to the fore from inside the flight. Sometimes passengers and sometimes flight staff become viral due to their antics.

But in the midst of all this, a case has come to the fore where a woman died of a heart attack inside the flight.

All this happened when the flight was flying and suddenly the woman's health deteriorated. The woman died on sight, after which the flight was landed at Karachi Airport.

Istanbul to Philippines flights

Actually, this matter is related to Turkish Airlines. According to international media reports, this flight was going from Istanbul to Manila Airport in the Philippines.

Although there were some stops in the middle of this flight and it had to stop.

But in the meantime the health of a woman suddenly deteriorated. Some people saw that the woman's health was deteriorating but no one had any idea about this.

Flight landing in Karachi

It was a case of a heart attack which came out later. The woman died shortly after the attack.

After the death, the flight was made to land at Karachi Airport. However, permission was taken before landing at Karachi Airport and then landing of the flight was done. After this the matter was investigated and the woman was found dead.

The body was sent to the Philippines

According to reports, doctors at Karachi's Jinnah Airport confirmed that the woman died of a heart attack.

After this, the body of the woman was sent back to the Philippines by the same flight. It was also told that the rest of the passengers were taken to their place as per rules.

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