Government will give loan to these women, know what is this scheme

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has released Mahila Nidhi Scheme to make women self-reliant and improve their economic condition. With the help of this scheme, you can improve your financial condition by starting your own business. For this they do not have to depend on anyone. We are telling you the complete details of this scheme.

Most of the women depend on their husband or other members of the household to fulfill their small needs. Sometimes they are unable to fulfill their needs due to the poor financial condition of the family.

The government had issued Mahila Nidhi Scheme to give respect to women in the society and to improve their economic condition. The main objective of the Mahila Nidhi scheme run by the Rajasthan government is to make women self-reliant.

Mahila Nidhi Scheme
The establishment of this scheme was announced by the Rajasthan Rural Livelihood Development Council. This scheme was first started in Telangana. After that this scheme will be implemented in Rajasthan.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had announced the Women's Fund Scheme keeping in mind the budget of 2022-23. With the help of this scheme, poor and destitute women of the state can easily take loan from the bank, and can start their own business.

By this they themselves can improve their financial condition. They will not have to depend on anyone else for financial help. Rajasthan Government had started this scheme to empower women, improve their economic condition and make them self-reliant.

All the poor women of the state can take advantage of Mahila Nidhi Scheme. Through this scheme, they will be helped to start business. They will be given a loan from the bank within 2 days. So that they can start their own business. This will increase the income of women and their respect in the society will increase.

Documents required to take advantage of the scheme
To take advantage of this scheme, women will have to provide documents like Aadhar card, address proof, income certificate and bank account details. The government will inform in the coming days about the process of applying for a loan under this scheme.

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