Good news for the people of UP, here are those eight cities, cheap flights are starting here


Newz Fast, Uttar Pradesh: There is great news for the people living in Uttar Pradesh. The airline of Gurugram is going to start cheap flight service for eight cities of the state under the Regional Connectivity Scheme soon.

For this, the Airport Authority has also issued a license to the aviation company of Gurugram. The schedule of new flights will be released soon. The company will fly 19 seater aircraft. With this, the people of the state will get an opportunity to travel conveniently at low cost.

Keeping the common man in mind

Let us tell you that under the UDAN scheme of the Central Government in eight cities of UP, the fare will be fixed keeping in mind the common man. According to Atulya Aggarwal, General Manager, Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS), a letter of approval has been sent to the company from the airport authority for the flight service. According to the acceptance letter, flights will be started between Lucknow, Prayagraj, Azamgarh, Chitrakoot, Varanasi, Murpur Korba, Moradabad, Shravasti.

link between small and big cities

Significantly, through this scheme of the Center, a total of 15 regular flights will be able to become a means of connectivity between small and big cities. At the same time, under the RCS scheme, the target is to connect small cities with air services. However, some airlines disappointed in the past. Due to which two planes of a company kept dusting in Lucknow for three years, but the flight could not start. Alliance Air, the leading private company IndiGo, operates small aircraft.

Cheap flights will start between these cities

These flights are from Lucknow to Shravasti-Shravasti to Lucknow, Chitrakoot to Prayagraj-Prayagraj to Chitrakoot, Lucknow to Azamgarh-Azamgarh to Lucknow, Kanpur to Shravasti-Shravasti to Kanpur, Aligarh to Kanpur-Kanpur to Aligarh, Chitrakoot to Lucknow-Lucknow to Chitrakoot.

Kanpur to Moradabad- Moradabad to Kanpur, Prayagraj to Sravasti-Shravasti to Prayagraj, Chitrakoot to Varanasi-Varanasi to Chitrakoot, Lucknow to Sravasti-Shravasti to Lucknow, Lucknow to Murpur Korba-Murpur Korba to Lucknow, Hindon to Bathinda Punjab-back Hindon, Lucknow to Moradabad - Moradabad to Lucknow, Chitrakoot to Kanpur - Kanpur to Chitrakoot and Shravasti to Varanasi - Varanasi to Shravasti.

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