Gold flows in this river passing through many states, people earn money by selling gold

gold in river

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: Which people earn money by withdrawing. The river has recently been in the headlines of major newspaper houses.

The mystery of this unusual phenomenon is not yet understood. To see such a huge amount of gold in a river (swarnarekha river) is indeed an astonishing situation.

An estimated amount of 60 to 80 gold particles are extracted in a month.

Scientists have tried to find the source of this gold, but till now they have not been able to find the solution behind this strange phenomenon.

This river mainly passes through Ratnabha region of Jharkhand state. Both the main river and its tributary Karkari have been victorious over the years with particles of gold.

This 474 km long river has started from Rani Chuan in Nagdi village near Ranchi in Jharkhand.

It passes through the neighboring states of West Bengal and Odisha before joining the Bay of Bengal.

It is believed that the first gold was mined in Piska, a village in Ranchi near the origin of the river. Later gold particles were found in the river bed and in the sand below.

In the surrounding area, local tribal workers are employed to filter the sand and extract gold from the river bed.

Activity occurs throughout the year except in monsoon. Gold particles are the size of a grain of rice and sometimes even smaller.

The work in the Tamar and Saranda areas has been going on for generations. People from various indigenous communities are engaged in sand sifting and gold extraction.

Almost every member of the household is engaged in gold mining activities. It is a tedious job and sometimes it takes days to complete the extraction work.

Scooping out gold particles from the river bed throughout the day is hectic and requires immense patience.

It is the hard work of the local people as a result of which the gold particles are filtered from the river bed and then handed over to the goldsmiths for further polishing and jewelery preparation.

The great novelists Rabindranath Tagore and Vibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay have mentioned about the Subarnarekha river in some of their novels and poems.

Apart from the famous Bengali film director, Ritwik Ghatak directed a film called Subarnarekha in Bengali centered on the partition of Bengal.

With high hopes that the secret will be revealed sometime in the future, let us feel proud of this ultimate wonder on Indian soil.

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