Get Ration Card made soon, otherwise you will be left worried about these facilities

ration card

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Many welfare schemes are being run by the government for the poor. Keeping in mind the interest of the poor, the government also helps them financially, while it also distributes food grains at low prices or free of cost.

At the same time, the government also issues ration cards for the welfare of the poor. Through the ration card, ration is made available to the family of the ration card holder free of cost or at low cost by the government.

Many times people do not apply for ration card and due to laziness they do not get ration card made. In such a situation, those people and their families are deprived of the benefits they get through the ration card and they never get the benefits they get through the ration card. If you want the benefits that you get through ration card, then ration card must be made.

State issues ration card

Ration card is issued by every state for its residents. At the same time, different benefits are provided by the states to their residents on the ration card. Here we are going to tell you about some common benefits of ration card.

- Ration card can be used as an identity card.
Through the ration card, the beneficiary gets food grains at a low cost.
It is also easy for people to get kerosene etc. through ration card.

At the same time, many states also give scholarship to the students of ration card holders.
Ration card can also be used to open a bank account.
- Ration card is also used to make a new voter ID.

Ration card is also used to buy a new mobile sim.
Ration card is used to apply for a new passport.
If a new LPG connection is to be taken, then a new connection can be taken with the help of the ration card.

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