From now on, both teachers and children will have 'online attendance' in schools


Newz Fast, Bhopal: Attendance of teachers and children will be held online in government schools of the state. The online attendance will be done through the mobile app m-Shikshamitra.

By downloading, updating the M-Shikshamitra app from Playstore, the school headmaster, institution in-charge children, teachers will be able to register the attendance through attendance module. In this regard, the Director of State Education Center Dhanaraju S has issued instructions.

The department had started this system from August 29 as a pilot project in Shajapur, Chhindwara and Barwani districts. The system was successful in all three districts.

Earlier also the system was implemented

During inspection several times in government schools of the state, it came to the fore that teachers do not go to schools on time. The problem is most prevalent in rural areas.

To solve this problem, in the past also, the School Education Department had started the process of online attendance, but the teachers started opposing it. To make quality education effective by ensuring average attendance of students by developing systems for student attendance.

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