Footballer Ashtam Oraon Parents: The government is building a road in honor of the footballer's daughter, while the parents are doing wages

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: In the ongoing FIFA U-17 Football World Cup in Odisha, the captain of the Indian team is Ashtam Oraon, daughter of Jharkhand. After becoming the captain of Team India, the government is building a road in his honor in the village of Ashtam. It is a matter of surprise and embarrassment that the parents of Ashtam are working as laborers in the same road construction work being done in honor of the daughter.

The administration is also surprised as soon as this information comes to the fore. After the matter came to light, the local administration said that we did not know that Ashtam's parents were working as laborers in the road construction work. It is known that Ashtam Oraon is a resident of Gumla district of Jharkhand.

His parents are labourers. They brought up their children with great difficulty. But now their children have become the pride of not only the parents but the whole of Jharkhand.

The story of Ashtam's family is going viral on social media

The talk of Ashtam Oraon's parents working as laborers in road construction is becoming viral on social media. Journalist Utkarsh Singh tweeted with pictures of Ashtam Oraon's parents that, shameful, not knowing that the Gumla district administration is building a road to the house of FIFA U-17 captain Ashtam Oraon. Eighth's mother and father are working as laborers for Rs 250 in the construction of the same road.

Eighth's father said - if you do not work as a laborer, how will the family run?
Eighth's parents, who are engaged in road construction work, told that we get a daily wage of two and a half hundred rupees for the whole day's work. We are happy with the success of our daughter. But if you do not work, then how will the family feed.

Eighth's father Heera Oraon has also been a good football player in his time. But due to not getting the right platform, he remained anonymous even after having talent.

Gumla's two daughters join Indian football team

However, Heera Oraon was not blown away by the success of her daughter. Recently, the administration has installed TV at the house of Ashtam Oraon. Let us inform that the FIFA U-17 World Cup is being organized in Bhubaneswar from today.

The Indian team in this tournament includes two daughters of Gumla. A captain Ashtam Oraon, who hails from Banari Gorratoli of Bishnupur block, 60 km from Gumla district. The second is Sudha Ankita Tirkey of Chainpur block.

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