First, they drank alcohol and had a party together, later killed their friend by hitting them with a rod.

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: On Monday night in Rohi of Surajansar village of Tehsil, a young man killed his own friend by hitting him in the head. The special thing is that after the murder, the accused himself informed the family members of the deceased by phone and told a fabricated story that a car driver had injured his friend by hitting him with a stick.

On receiving the information, the family members, villagers and after a while the police also reached the spot, then the young man slipped away. However, the police caught him in no time and strictly interrogated him, then the whole matter came to the fore.

This is the case

SHO Ashok Bishnoi said that Nanuram (40), son of Surajansar resident, Jeevanram Dudi and accused Lalaram were friends. Nanuram had gone to his farm with food on Monday evening. Late in the night around two o'clock, the accused Lalaram called the brother of the deceased, Bhojaram, and told that a car driver had hit Nanuram with a rod. Nanuram is badly injured.

Then Bhojaram reached the field with three or four people including his son. There Nanuram was lying dead on a cot and there were injuries on his head. After sometime Lalaram fled from the spot. SHO Vishnoi said that before the incident, both of them had consumed alcohol together.

There was a dispute over some matter, after which Lalaram killed Nanuram by hitting him on the head with a weapon. The reasons for the murder have not been disclosed yet. The brother of the deceased, Bhojaram, lodged a murder case against Lalaram's son Govindram Dudi of the village itself.

The accused Lalaram Dudi has been arrested. According to the police, he has confessed to the murder, but is being questioned about the reasons.

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