Fighting difficulties, this woman changed her luck, became the sole mistress with a turnover of Rs 30 lakh...

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: In today's modern era, women are coming forward in every field on the strength of their talent. By doing farming with new technology, women are setting an example of a successful homemaker as well as a successful farmer.

Today we are going to tell you about such a woman farmer who did not give up in front of difficulties and achieved success on the strength of hard work.

A woman farmer from Maharashtra has also given her name, Sangeeta Pingle, Woman Farmer, Maharashtra. Please tell that she lives in Matori village of Nashik.

Tales of life

Their opening story is quite sad, as Sangeeta lost her husband in a road accident in 2004. At this time she had three children and was also 9 months pregnant.

They felt that it was completely ruined, but their in-laws and family supported them for many years.

After some time due to family quarrel, she started living with her in-laws with her children, after which her father-in-law also died. His father-in-law had 13 acres of land, of which Sangeeta was the only guardian.

Decided to farm

This land was now their source of livelihood, due to which they had to learn how to work in the field.

As soon as she took this decision, soon after her relatives and relatives started saying that how a single woman would be able to handle such a huge farm, children and household chores.

After which a woman can also show her wonder in the field of Thani's farming. Sangeeta believed that if there is hard work and perseverance, then doing any work becomes equally easy and success kneels on its knees.

How did farming start?

In the initial phase, Sangeeta took a loan by pledging her jewelry to carry out her cultivation on 13 acres of land. At the same time, he also borrowed from his cousins ​​to meet the shortage of money.

Please tell that his brothers helped him a lot in farming and gave complete guidance on how farming is done, what is its process, how to fertilize it.

How to prevent pest infestation on crops and what chemicals are used at what time. Being a science student, he learned all this very quickly.

What problems did you face

During farming, he realized that only men handle some work in agriculture. This includes from tractor plowing to repair of farm machinery, use of agricultural techniques, etc. The biggest problem is in taking their produce to the market and selling it.

Being a single woman, she had to do all the marketing work from the agriculture sector herself and she did not have any support to handle such roles.

That's why I learned to drive a tractor and two-wheeler and also learned to repair the tractor, so that later I do not have to face any kind of trouble and do not have to take the help of others.

Millions of profits from tomato and grape cultivation

Sangeeta has graduated in science and today she is doing a tremendous amount of tomato and grapes farming on her 13 acre farm.

By doing all this, she has proved the criticisms against her wrong and at present she is earning profit of lakhs from the produce of her farm.

Earning lakhs from grapes

Slowly Sangeeta has carved herself and is taking 800 to 1000 tonnes of grapes production per year and earning a profit of about 30 lakh rupees from it.

Initially, they had to face some loss in the cultivation of tomato on a small scale, but it was gradually compensated.

Plan for export of grapes

After mastering agriculture over time, Sangeeta decided to export to increase her income. While making an export plan of grapes, he started trying to implement it.

At present, due to unseasonal rain, they have given a little break to complete their target, but they are confident that success will definitely come in the coming season.

Sangeeta is no less than One Woman Army

Sangeeta tells that she is proud of herself that even after so many obstacles, she achieved her position and proved those who pointed fingers at her wrong. She believes that she is still learning and is doing as much as she can to mature herself.

Sangeeta says that she learned a lot from farming, especially perseverance and patience. She is happy that she has overcome every obstacle that came in front of her in a positive way and her hard work, determination and efforts have made possible all the things which are considered impossible for a woman in agriculture sector.

The proof of Sangeeta's hard work is the good education of her children. At present, one daughter of Sageeta is pursuing her graduation and son is pursuing her education in school.

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