Festive Season: The business of adulterated sweets increases in the festival season, to avoid it, complain here

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: The festive season is going on in India, during this a lot of sweets are eaten. The consumption of sweets increases a lot during the festival season. The annual turnover of sweets in the country is more than Rs 65 crore.

The bumper demand for sweets on Diwali has created a market for adulterated sweets in the country which makes hundreds of crores of business during the festive season.

For the past few years, the demand for chocolates and dry fruits has also increased on Diwali. In view of this, adulterants have also started selling fake chocolates and dry fruits of substandard quality.

Chemicals are being used to make dried fruits look fresh. Apart from this, colors are being used to bring shine on them. So you should be careful while buying sweets on Diwali.

Why is adulteration increasing?

The prices of everything in the country have gone up. The prices of all things including the ingredients used for making sweets, such as milk, ghee, mawa, sugar, maida, have increased. This has increased the cost of making sweets.

Because of this many shopkeepers use adulterated ghee to fake milk, mawa and paneer to make sweets.

Secondly, due to high demand in the festive season, neither the customer inquires much about the quality of the sweets nor does the government check the sweets. Because of this, more adulterated sweets are made and sold.

Buy sweets

Adulterated sweets or any other food item can make any person seriously ill. Most of the people suffer from stomach related diseases.

By eating adulterated sweets, problems like swelling on the liver, food poisoning, abdominal pain are more. So always be careful while buying sweets.

As far as possible, buy sweets from trusted shops. Don't fall for cheap sweets. Before buying sweets, smell and taste them. There is a difference in the taste and aroma of sweets made with substandard ingredients.

Similarly, if you are buying chocolates, then check the packing thoroughly. Fake chocolates are sold only in fake packing of famous brands. Similarly, while buying dry fruits, try and taste them.

How to identify Mawa

Many people prefer to make sweets at home. Maava is used extensively to make sweets. There are several ways to identify the real and the fake maw.

Put some sugar in the mawa and heat it, if it starts releasing water then the mawa is fake. - Try eating a little mawa and if it is real then it will not stick in the mouth whereas, fake mawa will stick. Apart from this, rub the mawa on the hand. When it is real, the smell of ghee will come from it and the fragrance will remain for a long time.

Complain here

Consumer can also complain about adulterated or fake sweets or any other material. For this it is necessary that he has a bill of sweets or ingredients purchased.

A consumer can lodge a complaint by calling the National Consumer Helpline number 1915. Apart from this, there are separate departments in different states of the country for complaints of adulterated sweets and other spurious food items.

As the Food and Drugs Department in Madhya Pradesh takes action on this, the Food Supplies Department in Haryana has been given this responsibility.v

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