Even after many years, the situation of Sultanpet market has not changed, the trader is very upset


Newz Fast, New Delhi: There are 52 markets in the Chickpet area. All markets have their own distinct characteristics. Problems abound in all markets. Somewhere the roads are broken and somewhere the water of the drains flows on the roads. There is a lack of street light somewhere.

If traders are to be believed, even in the last 50 years, no development work has taken place in the Chickpet markets. Some roads have been repaired in the last three-four years. Even 50 years ago, many markets of Chickpet were filled with water during the rainy season.

The main road of Sultanpet had turned into a pond during the rains a fortnight ago. Shopkeepers were unable to reach their shops. Traders opened their shops after the water on the roads receded. Dinesh Jain, president of Karnataka Paper Merchant and Stationery Association said that the government is not serious about the problems of Chickpet area. He said that we have been watching for fifty years.

That the government is not able to get rid of the problem of rain water stagnation in the market. He said that the government should stop the movement of trucks in the streets of Chickpet area.

The timing of the movement of trucks should be fixed in the morning and evening. There is no parking space in the entire area except in the Maharaja Complex. In such a situation, customers have to reach the market on foot after walking a kilometer.

Ramesh Kumar Salecha of Karnataka Paper Merchant and Stationery Association said that in Chickpet area, the problem of water logging on the roads during rainy days is an old one.

During the rainy season, the market is filled with five feet of water. Recently, a worker has died due to drowning in rain water, but the louse has not yet crawled on the ears of the government.

There will be a rush of customers during the Diwali season, in such a situation, if the problems are resolved in due time, then the traders will definitely benefit.
Ramesh Bhutada, vice-president of Karnataka Paper Merchant and Stationery Association, said that due to traffic disruption on Sultanpet Road throughout the day, traders also face difficulty in reaching the shops.

Due to this, the number of customers has come down significantly. The government should focus on restoring the traffic system in the entire Chickpet by repairing the roads.
Vinod Nainawat, secretary of Karnataka Paper Merchant and Stationery Association said that MLA Dinesh Gundrao in Sultanpet has performed Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of Sultanpet road, but the work is yet to pick up pace.

Hopefully the road work will start soon. He has urged to stop the movement of heavy vehicles plying during the day illegally in Chickpet area. This causes traffic jams throughout the day.

Hitesh Bhansali of Karnataka Paper Merchant and Stationery Association said that there is also a big problem of security in Sultanpet. Criminals can be seen roaming around after most of the shops are closed in the evening.

There is no proper police system. There is absolutely no fear of the police among criminals. He said that the shops of many transport company operators are small, as all their goods are lying on the footpath, the footpath remains jammed and people have to walk on the roads.

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