Electric flying car made its first official flight, air travel made possible at a speed of 130kmph

flying electric car

Newz Fast, Automobile: Flying car has always been a dream of people. For a long time it was seen only as a concept, but now it is not limited to just one concept. China had built an electric flying car some time back. Now recently this car has made its first official flight.

An aviation company named Xpeng Inc. of China has manufactured this flying electric car named X2 using futuristic technology. It is a 2 seater vertical take off and landing vehicle with 2 on each side and a total of 8 propellers, which helps it to fly. Along with this, it can also lift a weight of 560 kg for 35 minutes.

First flight in dubai

This electric flying car X2 has made its first flight in Dubai. It is still in the testing stages and is currently not available for purchase.

Air travel possible at a speed of 130kmph
According to the information, with the help of this electric flying car, it will be possible to travel at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. It is completely fuel efficient.

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