Electric car is available at the cost of Smartphone, book like this

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Due to the increase in fuel prices, the demand for electric cars is increasing rapidly in the Indian market, but these cars are expensive due to which the customer is unable to buy. If you get this car at the cost of a phone, then what can be more happy than this, yes the e-commerce site is selling these cars at the cost of the phone.

The electric car we are talking about costs less than a Samsung phone. The car has been introduced in the market and the name of the car is K5, one thing in the car may disappoint you as the car is a two-seater only.

What is car charging time
Talking about the speed, the company has informed that the speed of electricKar K5 is more than 40 km / h. On full charge, the car will travel from 52km to 66km. The car will take around 8 hours to fully charge.

The car is currently being sold in China. It is being sold through Alibaba. At present, no information has been given by the company regarding its availability in India.

Car price
If you hear about the price of the car, then you will also be surprised, because the price of the car is as much as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, the price has been kept only 1,65,000 thousand. For your information, let us tell you that ElectricKar is produced by Regal Raptor Motors. This manufacturer is famous for making electric cars and bikes.

Explain that the car cannot be brought into the country without government approval, the car needs a license, that is why it is not running in many countries.

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