Electric Scooter: Buy electric scooter for only 35 thousand rupees, license is not required to drive, it will also be available on rent

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Due to the increasing price of petrol and diesel, the trend of people is moving towards electric vehicles. Ola is going to launch its cheapest electric scooter on 22nd October in view of the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India.

Apart from this, many companies are entering this segment. Electric mobility startup company Baaz Bikes has launched its new scooter Baaz.

The cost of this scooter is very less and you will not even need a license to drive it. Let's know more details about it

The new Baaz scooter is completely designed and developed by IIT-Delhi based EV start-up. This electric scooter is specially designed for delivery use.

The company claims that its battery can be replaced in just 90 seconds. The length of the scooter is 1624mm, width is 680mm and height is 1052mm.

The scooter can also be hired through the company's official rental partner. The new Baz electric scooter is designed for around 100 km of usage every day.

However, the company has not disclosed its full charging range. The scooter also comes with a safety feature that alerts the driver on sensing fire, water filling or similar situations.

This is a slow speed scooter. Its top speed is 25 km per hour. Due to which a license is not required to drive the scooter.

It also has a Find My Scooter button, with the help of which you can easily locate it in the parking lot.

The scooter is completely keyless. Fuel fork hydraulic suspension setup at the front of the scooter and fuel shock absorber at the rear.

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