Due to this small mistake, there may be a blast in the phone, know the reason


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Nowadays mobile phone is becoming the first need of everyone. Now it is necessary to have a mobile phone for everything, whether it is work related to bank or related to documents.

But still we do not maintain the mobile phone well. Many times news was also heard that the phone exploded. The reason for which is said to be the battery.

Today we are going to tell you about the explosion of mobile phone battery and its prevention. Let us tell you that while charging the mobile, the radiation around the mobile remains high. Because of this the battery gets hot.

Therefore, it can explode when talking to the mobile while charging. Sometimes due to the mistakes of the users, the battery overheats and explodes.

Apart from this, the cells of the battery keep getting dead due to which changes in the chemicals inside the phone keep happening. Due to which the battery explodes.

These changes of your phone also tell that your phone battery can explode

If your phone screen is blurry or there is complete darkness in the screen. If your phone is hanging frequently and processing is slow, even then your phone may explode.

Even if the phone gets hot in general while talking, there is a possibility of your phone getting blasted.

How to check bad battery

If you have the option to remove the battery of the phone, then keep the battery on a table. After this, try rotating it, if the battery is bloated then it will spin fast.

If the battery spins fast, stop using it. Smartphones that have an inbuilt battery can be recognized only by heat. If the phone is heating up then get it checked.

Put the phone on charge only while remaining 20 percent battery. Also do not let the battery run out completely. After the entire battery is drained, more power supply is needed to put it on charge. Due to this also the battery may explode.

These mistakes can be fatal

Never use a duplicate charger, battery. If you are using the brand of smartphone or mobile phone, then use the charger of the same brand. Never let the pins of the charger get wet.

Put it on charge only after knowing the pin is dry. If the battery of the phone gets damaged, replace it immediately. Always use the original battery only. Also, never charge the phone 100%.

So charge the phone only 80 to 90 percent. Charging more than this may overcharge the phone and increase the chances of an explosion.

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