Diwali Travel: This unique temple opens on Diwali, every wish is fulfilled by writing a letter

Hasanamba Temple

Newz Fast, New Delhi: If our country is called the country of temples, then it will not be wrong. There are many such wonderful places in India, the secret behind which no one knows.

Today we are going to tell you about such a temple, about which many beliefs are prevalent. Near Bangalore is the Hasanamba Temple of Hassan.

The people here have a lot of faith in the presiding deity Goddess. Coming to this temple, devotees ask for their vows by writing a letter to the Lord.


Hasanamba Temple is very ancient. According to mythological beliefs, a demon named Andhakasur had obtained a boon from Lord Brahma to become invisible.

After getting the boon, Andhakasur committed many atrocities on the earth. Then Mahadev created Yogeshwari Devi with his power to destroy Andhakasur. This is the idol of Yogeshwari Devi in ​​the temple.

Miraculous temple

It is believed that Hasanamba had turned the thief into a stone after stealing once. There is a stone here which moves an inch every year.

It is believed that by the end of Kali Yuga, this stone will reach the feet of the goddess.

On the day of Balipadyami, the doors of the Hasanamba temple are closed, before closing the sanctum, a ghee lamp is lit and flowers are offered to the mother.

According to the beliefs, when the doors are opened after a year on the day of Diwali, the lamp is found lit in the temple and the flowers look like fresh. It is unusual for such things to happen.

History of Hasanamba

The people here believe that the Hasanamba temple was built around the reign of the Hoysala dynasty.

However, there is no concrete information about the construction of this temple and its history.

Hasanamba Temple was built in the 12th century. Let us tell you that Hassan was the largest city of Karnataka during the rule of Hoysala dynasty.

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