Diwali Business Idea: This Diwali, Lakshmi will knock at your house, start these 5 business

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Only one day is left in Diwali. On this day Goddess Lakshmi comes to your door. They also give gifts to each other on Diwali.
With the increase in demand in the market on Diwali, there is an increase in business. In view of this, you can also start your own business and earn big money.

Snacks business

Indians like to eat sweet, spicy and spicy food. People love sweet and salty snacks and especially during this season the demand for snacks is high in the market.

With which you can start your own business of snacks, biscuits, chips etc. To make your snacks more appealing, you can add fancy packaging, customized gift packs and exciting deals and offers to bring in customers.

Diya's business

Diwali is the festival of lights. During Diwali, earthen lamps are lit in every house or say that the festival of Diwali is incomplete without diyas.

This season you can start the business of making and selling earthen and wax lamps. At this time, customers will be attracted towards you with different sizes and colors and the income will also be doubled.

Mehndi and Rangoli Service Business

In India, women and girls apply henna on their hands during many festivals. Good mehndi requires art which is not available to everyone. You can apply mehndi on the hands of women and girls and earn money by providing mehndi services.

This is a profitable business that you can run throughout the year. In India, women decorate the courtyard of their homes with Rangoli. Also, you can start the business of Rangoli and provide services to people's homes.

House cleaning, Paint business

People often clean their house during Diwali, for which they re-paint or give new color to their homes. Because it is believed that Lakshmi Mata also resides in the same house where cleanliness takes place.

In view of this, you can also start a cleaning or paint business. In addition, you can work with businesses that hire independent contractors to provide cleaning and other services. Running this business in a charged manner can make huge profits.

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