Diwali 2022: Going home on festival season, keep these things in mind, otherwise the fun of travel will be gritty

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Every day lakhs of people travel by train. If you are making a plane to travel by train in this festive season, then you should keep these things in mind. If you do not take care of these things, then during the journey the fun of the festival can become gritty.

Confirm ticket

If you are traveling, first of all get the ticket confirmed. Most people think that TT will get the seat by paying money, but it is difficult to do so during the festival.

It is impossible to get a seat in train and bus without ticket. The TT will have to sit down in some corner of the crowd even after paying the fine.

Keep stuff low

In festivals, most people travel to and from home, due to which it will be difficult to carry more luggage whether it is a railway platform or a bus stand. It will be difficult to leave with luggage in the crowd. Apart from this, your belongings can also be stolen.

Take care of stuff

During festivals, pickpockets and thieves become very active so take care of your belongings. Do not put the mobile in the pocket, but keep it in a secure bag and hang the bag in the front, so that it can be seen at all times.

Do not hang the bag backwards. If you travel during this time, it is not right at all to keep more cash with you. Do not keep more cash than necessary. Keep it locked in the bag.

Keep food and water together

We get food items at almost every station here, but due to the crowd on festivals, there is a problem in boarding and deboarding the train. So keep food and water bottle with you in advance.

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