Dhanteras 2022: Buy gold or copper utensils on Dhanteras with Aquarius, Maa Lakshmi will be happy for the whole year


Newz Fast, New Delhi: This year Dhanteras is being celebrated before Diwali i.e. on 22nd and 23rd October. Dhanteras is a festival of Pradosh period, hence it is considered auspicious on 22nd October.

It is believed that on this day Goddess Lakshmi had descended with the Kalash at the time of Sumadra churning.

Lord Dhanvantari was born on this day in Pradosh Bela i.e. Pradosh period, that is why the most holy festival of Dhanteras is celebrated in Pradosh Vyapini Trayodashi itself.

For this reason, buying any metal including utensils etc. in a stable ascendant or Pradosh carpet fixed ascendant on this day is auspicious. Especially in this Muhurta, a metal or earthen pot must be bought. There is also a tradition of buying brooms etc. on this day.

According to the Ascendant, on the festival of Dhanteras, you can buy the following household items:--

Aries :- You can buy silver bowls, electronic items, gold ornaments. While avoid the green stuff.
Taurus:- Clothes, silver or copper utensils, silver urn are auspicious. While avoid yellow colored items.

Gemini:- Gold ornaments, steel utensils, green colored household items, curtains etc. While avoid ocher color.
Cancer:- Silver jewelery or utensils, household electronic items, copper piece or wire. Whereas, avoid buying iron items.
Lion :- Copper pot or urn, red colored clothes, gold. While avoid buying utensils or accessories from silver.

Kanya :- Idol of Shri Ganesh of Margaj, or gold or silver ornaments or urn. Whereas avoid copper or red paint.

Libra :- Clothes, beauty goods or decorative items, silver, or steel utensils. While avoid gold or gold jewellery.
Scorpio :- Electronic equipment, gold ornaments, any utensils, vehicles. While avoid buying makeup or cream colored items.

Sagittarius :- Gold ornaments, copper utensils, earthen pots. Whereas, avoid buying white colored clothes and silver.
Capricorn:- Clothes, vehicles, silver utensils or ornaments. While avoid gold jewelery and pink clothes.

Aquarius:- Beauty goods, gold, copper utensils, footwear. While avoid silverware or jewellery.
Pisces:- Gold ornaments, silverware, electronic equipment. While pink clothes, avoid copper utensils.

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