Dhani Ram Mittal became the first person to do this in the world of theft, continued to pronounce the verdict as a fake judge for 60 days, read the full story

dhani ram mittal

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: It is said that Dhani Ram Mittal was stealing from the age of 25. He was caught stealing for the first time in the year 1964.

Now his age is 81 years old. However, no one knows exactly where he is now and what he is doing.

It is said that the last time he was arrested while stealing in the year 2016. However, even during this he escaped by dodging the police.

Since then he is absconding. It is claimed that he has stolen more than 1 thousand vehicles. He used to carry out events in broad daylight.

It is said that once he was arrested and presented in the court. He had reached the court so many times that even the judges recognized him.
The judge got angry and said that you go out of the court. But, he escaped despite the presence of police from outside.

He confused the police that the judge had asked him to leave. After that he left from there.

Dhani Ram Mittal studied LLB. Was a handwriting expert and also did a course in graphology.

He had obtained all these degrees for his theft. He used to steal the car and sell it by making fake documents.
It is said that once he sent the Executive Special Judge of Jhajjar Court on leave for 2 months with the help of fake documents.

Not only this, instead of him he himself sat on the chair. In these 2 months, he released more than 2 thousand criminals on bail. Not only this, many were also put in jail.

After this, by the time the matter was disclosed, he had absconded. Later, all his cases were re-examined and the verdicts were pronounced again. Police are still looking for him.

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