Delhi Weather Update: Will it rain in the sky over Delhi-NCR? Read - Latest forecast of the Meteorological Department


Newz Fast, New Delhi Rain Update The forecasts of the Indian Meteorological Department regarding the rain in Delhi-NCR are proving to be wrong. After Thursday, the rain on Friday is also negligible regarding the rain in Delhi-NCR.

Newz Fast, New Delhi Monsoon arrived in Delhi-NCR on 30th June, and the torrential rain provided relief from the heat. Its effect lasted for 4 days, but after this, crores of people of Delhi-NCR are suffering due to continuous scorching heat and humidity.
The sky has been cloudy in Delhi-NCR since Friday morning, but the sultry heat has made people sweat. According to the latest forecast of the Indian Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature may reach 40 degrees on Friday, but the chances of rain are very less.

At the same time, due to moderate rains, there may be some relief from the heat on Saturday. Overall, the weekend rains can provide some relief to the people from the heat.
At the same time, the Meteorological Department estimates that people will have to face similar sultry heat on Friday, while there will be a slight change in the weather during the night.

Moderate rain is expected on Saturday. This will also bring down the temperature and people will get relief from the humidity and heat.

People are troubled by heat and humidity for 4 consecutive days

On Sunday (July 3), there was relief from the heat due to heavy rains in Delhi-NCR, but since then people are troubled by the constant humidity. Meanwhile, the forecasts of the Meteorological Department are also proving to be wrong.

After Wednesday, the orange alert of the Meteorological Department proved to be redundant on Thursday as well. Yellow alert was given from Orange after both the days, but even then the rain remained negligible.
Light rain was recorded in Jafarpur and Mayur Vihar during the day, but this too remained ineffective.
Let us inform here that this time the monsoon arrived in Delhi-NCR with a delay of three days. The date of arrival of monsoon in Delhi-NCR is 27th June, but it knocked on 30th June.

At the same time, the first rain of monsoon, which reached Delhi with a delay of three days, became vigorous, but since then there has been no rain.

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