Date Farming: Date Farming changed the fate of this farmer, earning lakhs of rupees every month


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Farmers are improving their lives by doing farming. Farmers are making their own identity by adopting new technology.

Farmers are now increasingly cultivating fruit, vegetable and medicinal crops instead of traditional crops to increase crop yield.

Today we will tell you about one such farmer, who has overcome many of his problems from farming and has come under the category of a successful farmer. Let us tell you that this story is of Kehraram Chaudhary of Rajasthan.

Who set a new record by doing fruit horticulture through organic method. He has made good profits by doing organic farming of dates and pomegranates in about 7 hectares of his farm.

In today's time, many farmer brothers from far and wide come to see their farming. It is worth mentioning that farmer Kehraram Chaudhary is only 10th pass and in today's time, he is earning many times more money than more educated youth.

Idea through television

Farmer Kehraram Choudhary says that in the year 2012, he got the idea of ​​cultivating date palms in his field inspired by the TV program.
Therefore, he went to Bhuj in Gujarat and collected complete information about the cultivation of dates from the experts.

He told that he came to know about the production of dates with Israeli technology from there. Due to which they are getting more quantity of production.

After this, the life of farmer Kehraram Chaudhary changed. After collecting all the information, he ordered 312 plants of Bari variety of date palm and then after two and a half years, as soon as the plants were supplied, he started organic farming of dates in 2 hectares of field.

He also tells that before the cultivation of dates, he used to grow pomegranate in the field. Due to which they have benefited immensely.

What is the use of cow dung manure and vermi compost

Farmer Kehraram says that he has been using cow dung manure and vermi compost instead of chemical fertilizers in his field.

He also tells that to earn profit from organic farming, gradually the palm horticulture spread over 2 hectares was increased to 4 hectares and then along with Bari variety, Medjool variety of dates also started cultivating.

In this way, he has obtained the production of about 100 kg of dates from one tree of his farm. Dates are sold in the market for about Rs 1000 per kg.

The farmer produces about 21,200 kg of dates annually from Kehraram's orchard, from which he earns more than Rs 30 lakh annually.

Profits earned from cultivation of other fruits also

At present, farmer Kehraram is earning good profits by cultivating wheat, bajra, moong, moth, castor and raida, dates and pomegranate on 7 hectares of his field.

For your information, let us tell you that before planting date palms in his field, he planted 2500 pomegranate saplings in the year 2009 and from them he got fruits from 25 to 30 kg per tree.

Farmer Kehraram has proved that by adopting innovations in farming, a farmer can become a millionaire in a few years and at the same time can learn a lot of new things.

Correct method of planting Medjool and Barhi varieties

Farmers can plant their plants between July and September. You can do its gardening in any type of soil. It should be kept in mind that there should be a distance of about 8 meters between one plant to another and from one row to another.

So that the plant can grow well. Through this method, you can plant only 156 saplings in one hectare, which will earn you a profit of lakhs.

Dates are cultivated in how many districts of Rajasthan

A survey has shown that farmers are changing their lives by cultivating dates in many districts of Rajasthan. Let us tell you that date palm cultivation is done in about 12 districts of Rajasthan.

12 district names

Jalore, Barmer, Churu, Jaisalmer, Sirohi, Sri Ganganagar, Jodhpur, Hanumangarh, Nagaur, Pali, Bikaner and Jhunjhunu.

Government help
To help the farmers, the government also helps the farmer brothers cultivating dates. To promote the cultivation of date palm, about 75 percent subsidy is given to the farmers from the government.

Apart from this, date palm plants produced by tissue culture technique are also provided to the farmers for its cultivation.

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