DU: Why do most of the students want to study in Delhi University after 12th, know the reason

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Newz Fast, New Delhi : Interested candidates enrolling in government institutions get a chance to do many off-beat courses along with studies in DU.

Apart from studies, a lot of focus is also given on the extracurricular activities of the student. Almost every student gets a chance to meet many national and international level personalities in the events organized on the campus.

A lot of students come to Delhi University to study not only from the country but also from abroad. After all, what is it that even after going high cutoff here, it is the favorite university of the students.

Delhi University is number one in the country in terms of academic excellence. Students get an opportunity to study their favorite course. There are also offers to do off beat courses. Due to all these academic facilities, DU University is the favorite place of students all over the world.

University with the highest number of seats in the country
According to experts, they say that DU is the only university providing the highest number of seats in the country in terms of academic session. Therefore, even after the cutoff list is very high, most of the students prefer the university.

Selection based on merit
In DU University, the selection is done on the basis of the merit of the candidate. No reference or introduction of any kind is taken into account. In whichever course one has applied for admission, admission is given only on the basis of the prescribed criteria of eligibility.

Off beat course
DU University offers different types of off beat courses to the students. In which Humanities and Science courses are in highest demand in the country.

Whereas other central universities do not have such a range. There are also about 9 to 10 courses in international languages ​​for undergraduate students in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Apart from this, it is also at the forefront of Art, Journalism and Business courses.

Cultural institution
The cultural environment of DU is also quite different and most liked by the students. The reason for this is that the cultural institution here handles all the events and programs just like a professional institute.

This organization also works very actively for the skill development of the candidates. Literature, Dancing, Modeling, Fashion, Music, Drama, Art, Martial Arts, Fine Art, Debating,

For each of the theater activities, a separate society has been formed which trains them. This shows the extra skills of the students and they are worked on in a better way.

Opportunity to understand the culture of not only the country but also abroad
Many students come to DU not only from the country but also from abroad. This leads to the development of a special kind of community. With the increase in knowledge, different types of experience are also available.

DU's South and North Campus are quite popular. Because from time to time international organizations organize their workshops here.
In which there is an opportunity to study by International Faculties. Not only this, students and faculty also get an opportunity to exchange. There is hardly any such facility in any university in India.

International events such as
DU's Fest is quite popular among the students. Students wait for it throughout the year. The level of the fests organized here is very high. Not only national but also international institutes are invited by DU to participate.

In which events like international cultures like dance, rock bands, thrilling sports are seen. These colleges also offer many opportunities to organize festivals as organizers and volunteers.

Apart from this, many Bollywood celebrities are also called to perform in special events, due to which the students get opportunities to be entertained in the fests.

Attractive atmosphere of DU
DU is also well known for its fashion trends, and the stylish outfits of the students. Which attracts the student a lot. University's South Campus or North Campus. Being surrounded by Delhi's street markets, shopping malls, after studies, students get a lot of opportunity to roam, shop, party and have fun.

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