DGCA Latest Rule: Now these people will not be able to travel by air, DGCA issued order


Newz Fast, New Delhi: If you also travel by flight, then there is important news for you. DGCA has issued an order regarding air travel. Under this order, some people will no longer be able to travel by flight.

Under this, now whether a disabled person is fit for air travel or not, now it will be decided by the doctor, not the airline companies.

These passengers will not be able to travel by air!
In fact, in the new rule, the DGCA has said that whether a disabled person is fit to travel by flight or not, it will not be decided by the airline companies, but by the doctors. If the doctor tells a passenger to be unfit, then that passenger will not be able to travel.

That is, without informing the doctor, now the airline company cannot stop a passenger from traveling. There have been many incidents in which passengers were misbehaved by the airlines and prevented from boarding the plane.

The doctor will put the final seal

In this new order given to the airline companies by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory of airline companies, it has been said, 'The airline will not refuse to travel on any passenger on the ground of disability.

If an airline feels that the health of the passenger may deteriorate during the flight, then the said passenger will have to be examined by a doctor.

The doctor will give information about the medical condition of the passenger. Only the doctor will tell whether the passenger is fit to fly or not. The airline companies will be able to take a decision only on the advice of the doctor.

Know why this decision was taken?

This decision has been taken keeping in mind the incident when the airline company at Ranchi airport refused to allow a disabled child to board the plane. After the truth of this incident came out, there was a lot of opposition to it.

Then, showing strictness on this action of Indigo, DGCA also imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh. And then after this DGCA issued this order.

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