DBW 252 Wheat Variety: This variety of wheat will give huge profits to the farmers, will be ready after ripening in 127 days

Wheat mandi bhav today

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Farmers mostly sow wheat crop in Rabi season. Before sowing, the question arises in the mind of the farmers that which variety should be planted so that the yield can be increased.

Today we will tell you about such varieties of wheat, so that farmers will be able to earn more profit by increasing the yield.

For your information, let us tell you that scientists have developed such varieties of wheat, which can make a good profit to the farmer in the shortest possible time.

So let's know about such a variety of wheat prepared by scientists, which is very beneficial for you.

DBW 252 Wheat Variety

Karan Shriya variety of wheat is considered to be a good variety, which gives good profit to the farmers. This wheat variety is also known as DBW 252
Which has been prepared jointly by scientists of Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research Karnal (ICAR-IIWBR).

Disease Resistant DBW 252 Wheat Variety

The best feature of DBW 252 wheat variety is that the chances of blast disease etc. are found very less in its crop. Farmers can sow this variety between October 25 and November 5.

Let us tell you that this variety is best for the farmers of the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal etc. In fact, farmers can get better production from its crop in these areas.

In how many days is it ready to be cooked

This variety of wheat matures well and becomes ready within 127 days of sowing in the field. If seen, the height of its plant is about 97 to 99 cm. The iron content of this variety is found to be 43.1 ppm.

DBW 252 Production Capacity

If we talk about wheat production of DBW 252 variety, then after sowing it properly, the farmer can get yield up to 55 quintals from 1 hectare of field.

The farmer will get this yield in only one irrigation. At the same time, the weight of its 100 grains ranges from 44 to 46 grams.

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