Confirm Ticket: Confirm ticket will also be available in the festive season, internet will be needed with just smartphone

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Before Diwali, people want to book train tickets to go to their homes. But it becomes very difficult to get a confirmed ticket in this festival season.

If you are also worried about the confirmed ticket, then read this news. Today we are going to tell you about some such tips, with the help of which you can book a confirmed ticket easily.

Use third party apps

If you are trying to book tickets from the official site of railways, then it may take more time because most of the people try to book tickets during the festival.

Semi website becomes slow and it takes a lot of time to book tickets and tickets get booked quickly. You should always try booking on third party apps as well as you can get confirmed tickets faster.

Use high speed internet

If you are using slow internet connection while booking tickets, then let us tell you that due to this you can have a lot of problems because while visiting the website, many times you face problems due to internet, so always high speed Book tickets using internet only.

It is necessary to login on IRCTC

If you have not login to the website of IRCTC i.e. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation and have not created your ID and Password, then first of all you will have to do the same thing.

Only after this you can book train tickets and if you are not getting the ticket then you should try to get the ticket in tatkal because by doing this your chances of getting the train ticket increases and you will get so much for the confirmed train ticket. Can only do it.

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