Cheapest & Expensive Car: This is the country's most expensive car, the price is so much that the Alto will come more than 300

Rolls Royce Phantom

Newz Fast, New Delhi: If you want to buy a low budget car, then there is news of work for you. Today we are going to tell you about the cheapest and most expensive ones sold in India.

This is the cheapest car in the country

Maruti Suzuki's Alto 800 is currently the cheapest car in the country. Prices of this vehicle start at Rs. 3.39 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Alto 800 is powered by a 796cc petrol engine, which generates 35.3kW of power and 69 Nm of peak torque. It also gets the option of CNG kit.

The output drops to 41PS and 60Nm when run on CNG. According to the company, its mileage is 22.05kmpl for petrol and 31.59km/kg for CNG.

Let us tell you that apart from being the cheapest, it is also the best selling car in the country. Thousands of units are sold every month.

Country's most expensive car

The Phantom series of Rolls Royce is the most expensive car in India. The specialty of Rolls Royce cars is that most of its accessories are handmade.

The price of this vehicle starts from Rs 8.99 crore and goes up to Rs 10.48 crore. That is, more than 300 Alto will come in the price of one Phantom.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is powered by a 6.8-litre petrol engine, which generates 563 bhp power and 900 Nm peak torque. The mileage of the car is also only 9.8 kmpl. Double laminated glass windows have been used in this vehicle to reduce the noise.

Features include Alertness Assistant, 4-Camera System with Panoramic View, All-round Visibility with Helicopter View, Night Vision and Vision Assist and Active Cruise Control.

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