Car Monsoon Accessories: Keep these 5 things in the car during the rainy season, otherwise you will regret it

cars in rain

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Here we are telling you about 5 car accessories that you must have in your car during the monsoon season.

The rainy season is pleasant, but brings many troubles for the car drivers. There is not only a problem in driving a car in the rain, but there is also the worry of getting dirty.

If you do not have the right accessories in your car, then you will not be able to see properly in heavy rain and there will be a fear of accident. Here we are telling you about those 5 car accessories that you must have in your car during the monsoon season.

1. Window Visors
If you open the glass even a little during the rain, then the fear of water coming in will remain. Keeping the window completely closed creates fog.
To get rid of both these problems, you can install window visors. They are also not very expensive in price and prevent water from entering the window from above.

2. Car Body Cover
Car body cover is very important to keep your car looking clean and new during rainy days. Apart from this, it also protects your vehicle from scratches. Car cover should be used not only in rain but also in normal weather.

3. Anti fog membrane
It is installed on the ORVMs of the vehicles. It is like a sticker. The advantage of this is that on the part where this sticker is applied, the water droplets do not stay there. So that you do not have trouble seeing the vehicles coming behind.

4. Mudguard
A mudguard or mudflap is the most essential of all car accessories. It is a flat piece that is usually made of rubber.
The mudguard protects the body of your car from dirt, water and mud from the tires (that's why it is placed near the tyre).

5. Umbrella
Always keep an umbrella in your car. You will come the whole journey sitting in the car without getting wet, but as soon as you get off the car, you can get wet. So keep an umbrella in the car and go. You can keep it in the door pocket of the car.

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