Car Modification: The roof of Bolero was modified like this, Anand Mahindra also said - you are a designer...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Recently, a video of Mahindra Modification of a Mahindra vehicle is doing the rounds on social media these days. This vehicle was being used for smuggling of liquor. At the same time, after seeing the modification of the vehicle, Anand Mahindra also said that you are a design engineer.

Mahindra Bolero roof modified: People have a different pleasure in getting car modification done in India. Some people have a hobby on which they get it designed accordingly, while some people get it designed according to their needs.

Today, see
Many times such cases also come to the fore where these vehicles are misused. Recently, one such case came to light in which a person had modified Bolero and used to do the work of smuggling liquor in it. A video of which also became quite viral, the modification was so amazing, Anand Mahindra himself praised and said that you would have been a designer.

For information, let us tell you that this matter is from the state of Bihar. Where the police had arrested four people in connection with the smuggling of liquor. In which a Bolero car was also recovered from him. The special thing in this was that the smugglers had hidden the liquor bottles in the roof of the car. They had modified the roof in such a way that it could hold at least 900 to 1000 bottles of liquor. Whereas from outside it looked like a normal car.

In the whole case, the police said that she was trying to catch these smugglers for a long time. On which they got an information. On which when the police caught the car, even the police did not understand where the liquor was hidden. According to the police, 960 small bottles in 20 cartons were hidden in the roof of the Bolero. The video of this news became fiercely viral on social media.

Anand Mahindra said...
Anand Mahindra tweeted this news and said that if these people had followed the right path, then they could have been design engineers. He wrote, "It is unfortunate that these people have gone down the wrong path. Otherwise they could have been Creative Automotive Design Engineers."

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