Came to Mandsaur from Rajasthan and married a Hindu boy; Bid - I am threatened by society

shadi couple

Newz Fast, Rajasthan: A Muslim girl from Rajasthan has adopted Sanatan Dharma in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. This young woman is in love with a Hindu youth for three years.

Before marriage, after bathing in Panchagavya including cow dung, urine and milk, he converted his religion with full rituals. Chetan Singh (first name Zafar Sheikh), who had converted to Hinduism three months ago, helped both of them.

Rahul Verma (21) lives in the neighborhood of Iqra-B (19), a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Rahul's father lives in Mandsaur. But he got married again, that's why Rahul has lived with his mother in Jodhpur since childhood.

Waited three years before becoming a minor
Iqra and Rahul fell in love only three years ago. But then he was a minor. On attaining adulthood, both of them decided to run away from home and get married.
However, Rahul's family did not mind the marriage of both. The family got both of them done an agreement marriage in Udaipur. After this, on Friday, in the Gayatri temple of Mandsaur, the marriage was done in a Hindu manner.

Bathing with Panchagavya, Ishika made of Iqra
In Gayatri temple of Mandsaur, Ikra-B was bathed with Panchagavya including milk, cow dung and urine. She was given the new name Ishika. Ishika says that she has adopted Sanatan Dharma of her own free will. He is threatened by the family and the people of Muslim society. Let me tell you, Rahul is studying now and Ishika has studied till 9th ​​class.

Chetan Singh was made from Zafar Sheikh
Three months ago, Zafar Sheikh, a resident of Mandsaur, had left Muslim religion and converted to Hinduism. Now Sheikh Zafar is known as Chetan Singh Rajput. His wife was already from Hinduism. In the Lord Pashupatinath temple, 46-year-old Sheikh was given initiation to Hinduism by performing a ritualistic puja by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Chidambaranand Saraswati. During this, he was also given a bath with cow dung and urine.

Chetan Singh told that Rahul's family had contacted him. After this, we gave written information to the city Kotwali police station.
A copy of the police information was shown at Gayatri Mandir. After this, after converting the girl's religion, the young man and the girl got married.
After adopting Hinduism, Chetan Singh had said – this is homecoming. Since childhood, I was inclined towards Hinduism, that is why I married a Hindu girl.

18 family members converted from Muslim to Hindu in Ratlam
13 days after Zafar Sheikh converted to Hinduism, 18 people in Ratlam's Amba converted to Hinduism by renouncing Muslim religion. The head of the family, Mohammad Shah, has now become Ram Singh.

In the Bhimnath temple, on the completion of Maha Shiv Puran, in the presence of Swami Anandagiri Maharaj, everyone took a bath with cow dung and urine and wore a janeu. Before this everyone got the affidavit prepared. In this he wrote about changing religion without any pressure.

Earlier, the head of this family had expressed his desire to convert to Swami Anandagiri.

18 people of a family converted from Muslim to Hindu

What does the law say on religious conversion?
According to Bhopal's lawyer Yawar Khan, it is necessary to get an affidavit made to change religion. It has to be attached to the notary. After this, information about conversion has to be given in two national dailies.

To register officially, an application has to be made in the gazette office. Every state has its own gazette office. Usually this work is done from collector offices.

It takes many documents and passport size photograph. The family bears testimony. The reason for changing religion is asked.

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