CNG Car Driver Be Careful! Be sure to take these precautions while filling CNG, otherwise you may die


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are getting attracted towards CNG vehicles. The number of people running CNG in the country is increasing.

If you are also using CNG car then you need to be careful. Recently, one such case has come to light where a vehicle caught fire soon after filling CNG. car driver saved his life by jumping from the car

According to the information, this accident happened at Sector-134 CNG petrol pump near Noida Expressway. A customer filled gas in his CNG vehicle and started leaving from there.

Smoke started coming out of the vehicle at a distance of about 50 meters from the petrol pump and on seeing it caught fire. The fire was so strong that the driver jumped out of the car and saved his life. Fortunately, the flames of the fire did not reach the CNG pump, otherwise there could have been a major accident.

Be sure to take these precautions while filling CNG :-

1. When you fill CNG, first of all turn off the vehicle. Because there is a risk of fire in the running engine. So stop the car and get out of it too.

2. Do not use cigarettes, bidis or other smoking products in the vicinity when the cylinder is being filled. CNG is a flammable fuel that catches fire at the slightest spark.

3. Always keep a fire extinguisher in a CNG car. CNG cars are more prone to fire as compared to petrol and diesel cars. In such a situation, through fire extinguisher, help will be given in emergency.

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