By consuming these things, you can get relief from diabetes, do this work everyday


Newz Fast, New Delhi: In today's time every person is troubled by some or the other disease. Similarly, diabetes disease has also become quite common. To get rid of it, do this work every day, it will be beneficial.

Amidst worrying statistics, there is good news that young people who have just started can get rid of diabetes with a little treatment.

Until a few years ago it was believed that once sugar
Diabetes patients will not have to take medicine for life, know how and which people can get rid

There are about 70 million diabetic patients in the country and 80 million are facing its initial stage. Amidst these worrying statistics, the good news is that the younger people in whom it has just started.

They can get rid of diabetes after a little treatment. Until a few years ago, it was believed that once you have diabetes, there is no other option but to take medicine for the rest of your life, because diabetes is possible to control, not cure.

According to a research published in the Journal of Natural Sciences, Biology and Medicine present on Pub Med, Indians who were at the highest risk of diabetes have seen diabetes reversal i.e. complete elimination of diabetes.

The Journal report, based on the treatment of 32 diabetics in a hospital in Bangalore, concluded that 68.79 percent of these people were completely free of diabetes within two years. These people were young, and three of these patients were taking insulin. All the other patients were taking medicines.

Treatment given only through intensive lifestyle
According to the research, four patients were treated only through intensive lifestyle (ILT) treatment. 25 patients were also given a drug metformin along with ILT. The remaining three people were on insulin, who also had a co-infection.

It was observed that within a year, the sugar level of 75 percent of the patients came under control, while after two years, the sugar level of 68.75 percent was found to be under control. This meant that after a year some people got diabetes again.

During ILT two things were noticed. A patient's food intake was reduced. It was done 1500 kcal per day whereas 2100 kcal is needed for a healthy person. On the second day one has to walk briskly for an hour. By consuming fewer calories and walking briskly every day, the fat stored in the liver starts decreasing gradually.

Due to this, the fat from the liver that used to reach the pancreas through the blood and obstruct the function of its beta cells, it also starts removing. When cells produce insulin as before, they start controlling sugar in the blood. Diabetes specialist Dr. Anoop Mishra says that it is possible to eliminate diabetes in up to 20 percent of patients.

Relief to such patients
According to the report, in all those who started diabetes, insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are not damaged, but their function is being disrupted due to excess fat. It is also a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be overcome by reducing fat.

Which patients will be difficult
Such diabetic patients are completely cured by making lifestyle changes. But those whose insulin is not produced or the cells have become incapable of producing insulin, their diabetes cannot be ended.

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