Buffalo Farming: Farmers bring home these 4 breeds of buffalo, will be able to earn lakhs of rupees


Newz Fast, New Delhi: After farming, farmers give more importance to animal husbandry, most of the farmers keep cows or buffaloes, as well as fulfill their daily needs and earn profits with the help of animal husbandry.

Most of the emphasis is on taking out buffaloes in the village, most of the money produces more milk with less care, that is why for the purpose of business also following religions is considered better than other animals.

There are 26 breeds of buffaloes in the country which are used for the milk trade, among which Chilka Mehsana is very popular among Surti and little like cattle breeders.

Broken buffalo

Milk of this buffalo is available in most areas of Tamil Nadu. The production capacity of buffalo milk is 500 to 600 liters per quart. Farming of this buffalo can be very beneficial for small and marginal farmers.

Chilka buffalo is also called indigenous buffalo in many areas of the country. This buffalo is recognized by its medium size and black-brown colour. Chilka produces 500 to 600 liters of milk per interest from buffalo.

surti buffalo

The color of this buffalo is silver, gray and black as well. You can recognize it by the pointed torso and long head. The fat content of 8 to 12 percent is found in the milk of Surti breed buffalo. Surti buffalo produces 900 to 1300 liters of milk per quart.

Mehsana Buffalo

Black-brown colored Mehsan buffalo can take milk production from 1200 to 1500 liters per calf. You can identify it by the sickle-shaped curved horns.

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