Broom Vastu Tips: Know these important rules to wipe the broom, there will be rain of money throughout the year


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Broom-wipes are used for cleanliness in the house. In the Puranas, the relation of Goddess Lakshmi with the broom has been told.

If there is any mistake in buying or using a broom, then Maa Lakshmi gets displeased with it. In Vastu Shastra, some rules have been told about the broom, which is very important to follow.

Follow these rules regarding brooms and wipes

Whether it is home or office, the broom should always be applied only after sunrise. Similarly, do not sweep the broom even in the evening. This angers mother Lakshmi.

Never make the mistake of sweeping in the dark of night. Because it is only after the evening time that Maa Lakshmi arrives in the house. There is prosperity and positivity in the house.

Never keep the broom in an open place. Always keep the broom hidden or in such a place from where no outsider can see the broom.
Do not keep a broom in the kitchen or near the safe. This angers mother Annapurna and mother Lakshmi. This brings poverty and negativity in the house.

Never kill a cow or any animal with a broom. It causes bad luck.

Whenever a member of the house comes out of the house for some work, do not sweep the broom immediately. By doing this, that person gets failure in work.

Always wash and dry the wipes after using them. Never keep the wipe dirty.

Never keep the broom standing. Nor do you ever hit your feet in the broom. If you touch your feet by mistake, then apologize to Goddess Lakshmi.
Never buy broom on Saturday.

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