Bhopal-mumbai flight: Air India plane stopped before take-off, passengers of Mumbai were very upset

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Newz Fast, Bhopal: There was chaos at Rajabhoj Airport on Wednesday morning when the Mumbai flight had to be stopped suddenly. There is a technical fault in this aircraft. Efforts are being made to repair the aircraft for the last three hours. Here hundreds of passengers going to Mumbai were seen getting upset. However, after two and a half hours the flight could leave for Mumbai.

There was chaos at Rajabhoj airport on Wednesday when an Air India flight suddenly developed a technical snag. Many passengers in the plane were on their way from Bhopal to Mumbai.
For the last three hours, engineers on Air India flight AI634 were trying to rectify the technical fault of the flight.

Sources in the airport management said that Air India's AI634 suffered a technical snag this morning. This flight takes off at 7.55 am. The plane was stopped due to a technical fault in the aircraft. Told that due to a fault in its engine, engineers are trying to repair it.

Soon after the engine is restored, the flight will be diverted to Mumbai. 115 passengers left from Bhopal to Mumbai from this flight. The passengers were about to board the plane when the flight broke down. After getting fitness, the aircraft was dispatched.

Passengers were upset

Passengers going to Mumbai continued to be upset due to the repair work going on in the plane for two and a half hours. They sat in the lounge waiting for the flight to improve.

A passenger told the magazine that I had to attend the meeting at 12 o'clock in Mumbai, but the flight was delayed due to a lot of damage. Apart from this, other passengers also kept getting upset, who had to take a connecting flight from Mumbai. However, the flight was dispatched after two and a half hours.

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