Become a single watcher of adult videos Alert, these apps monitor you

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: There is no ban on adult content in our country. Such videos are easily found on the Internet. In such a situation, those watching adult content feel that they are watching all this on private mode but it is not so.

At the same time, they also think that no one is watching them while doing this, but knowing the truth will blow your senses. Actually, when you are watching adult content, at that time thousands of AI bots keep an eye on you.

Mobile apps keep a watchful eye

Whenever you watch adult content on your mobile, your mobile service operator gets the first information about it. Along with this, you are also keeping an eye on the apps present in your phone.

The apps lying in the phone keep an eye on you like an intelligence agency while watching this kind of content. That is, your entire browsing history is being tracked at that time.

Social media profiles are also checked

According to the report, you are tracked according to your browsing pattern. Along with this, your social media profile is also scanned. After this it is decided which ad to be shown to you.

If an adult is addicted to content, then only ads related to it are shown to him. At the same time, those who take paid service to watch such content, they are the first to be targeted.

From such people, their bank account details are taken at the same time when they are making the payment. In such a situation, their credit or debit card can also be misused.

Malware can be put in the phone

If you are watching or downloading adult content in mobile, then malware or virus can also be inserted in your mobile through such content.

You can also be spied on later through this malware and you can be blackmailed by threatening to make your private photos public.

According to a report by Kaspersky Lab in the year 2018, about 1.2 million Android users were affected by malware due to viewing adult content.

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