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Newz Fast,New Delhi: Almost all banks charge a certain amount as annual maintenance fee for debit cards. However, the fees for different types of accounts also differ. To put it another way, being a Gold card holder you will not pay the same amount as you would for a Platinum card.

Canara Bank offers a variety of debit cards to its customers – Classic/Standard, Platinum, Business and select other cards. While the enrollment fee and activation/subscription fee are nil for the mentioned debit cards, the annual fee is different for each of them.

GST will also be applicable

The annual fee is Rs 125 for Classic/Standard, Rs 350 for Platinum, Rs 300 for Business and Rs 1,000 for other Select cards. Users may however note that there is also 18% GST on the service charges mentioned here. The Bank will also recover applicable taxes on the said service charges.

Hence the annual maintenance fee for your Canara Bank Classic/Standard Debit Card comes to Rs 125 + 18% GST (Rs 22.5) = Rs 147.5. So if you are a Canara Bank Classic/Standard Debit Card holder, you need to pay Rs 147.5 as Debit Card Annual Maintenance Charges.

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