At the age of 85, Daddu started his own business, got success overnight, read Success Story


Newz Fast, New Delhi: It is said that when someone has the zeal to do something, age cannot become a hindrance in his goal. Every difficulty makes you suffocate in front of those who work hard. Some people fulfill their dreams even after reaching the age of age.

Now take 85 years old Radhakrishna Chaudhary. People affectionately call him Nanaji. Chaudhary sahib, who hails from Gujarat, started his business at an age in which people sit at home and wait to die. Their story can change your life too.

Started own business at the age of 85

Radhakrishna Chaudhary's passion and passion is working as an inspiration for many youth. He has achieved a lot of fame by starting his own business at the age of 85.

He has started a factory of Ayurvedic products. His company name is Avim Herbals. He has shared the video of his journey and first car on the company's own Instagram account.

In this video it can be seen that Radhakrishna Choudhary is standing near his first purchased car and Panditji is vaccinating him. In the caption accompanying the video, he told how he found success overnight at the age of 85.

According to him the credit for this success goes to his clear and positive vision and mission. He wanted to regrow people's hair through Ayurveda.

Such overnight success

In his journey, many people gave him the tag of 'scam' and 'cheater'. However, he did not stop believing in himself and kept working hard.

He got huge success within 6 months of launching the company. But behind this overnight success was his hard work of the last 25 years. He also credits his success to teamwork and family support.

This success story of 85-year-old businessman Radhakrishna Chaudhary is becoming very viral on social media. People are taking a lot of inspiration from this old man.

If they can decide to do something at this stage of age, then how can young people like us give up so soon and sit at home. So let's watch the inspirational video of this old man without any delay.

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