Astrology: Inauspicious Navpancham Yoga of Mars-Ketu will affect these 4 zodiac signs, mountains of troubles will break

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: In astrology, apart from the transit and conjunction of planets, auspicious and inauspicious yogas are also formed. At this time the planets Mars and Ketu together are making a very inauspicious yoga Navpancham.

This inauspicious yoga is being formed after Mars enters Gemini on October 16. Mars and Ketu together are making this inauspicious yoga, which is going to have a bad effect on 4 zodiac signs.

Effect of the ninth of Mars-Ketu on the zodiac signs

Aries: Navpancham yoga can prove to be troublesome for the people of Aries. These people will have to go through stress at this time. Spouse's health may deteriorate.

Those doing business in partnership may suffer. Nor start work in partnership. There is a possibility of an accident. There may be a problem related to the throat and chest.

Taurus: The Navpancham Yoga being formed due to Mars Ketu cannot be said to be good even for the people of Taurus. It can cause injury or illness.

Drive the car during this time. You can fall from a height, so do not take any such risk. Relationship with maternal uncle may get spoiled. There can be loss in business. Pregnant women be careful.

Cancer Horoscope: The ninth fifth yoga can make Cancer people go round the court. In this case, you may have to face defeat. Take care of the health of the women of the house. An accident can happen to them too. Be alert.

Scorpio: The Navpancham yoga formed due to Mars Ketu can give health problems to Scorpio people. There is also the possibility of getting injured due to an accident or falling.

Drive the car too. Do not finalize any deal in business right now. Failure to do with luck will result in failure. Pregnant women should be careful.

Remedy: Chant the Beej mantras of Ketu and Mars to avoid the damage caused by the Navpancham Yoga of Mars-Ketu. Apart from this, keep a fast on Tuesday, as well as worship Hanuman ji. Worship of Bajrangbali saves from every trouble.

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