Amazing friendship: The woman got her friend married to her husband, both did not want to stay away from each other


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Many times you must have seen and heard strange incidents. Today we are telling you about such a funny incident which is very difficult to believe. Now we have brought another interesting news from Pakistan for you.

In Pakistan, now two women have got married with one man. The special thing is that both the wives of the person are actually friends of each other.

Both the friends got married to the same person. This case is of Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. Here two friends got married to the same person.

The names of these two women are Shahnaz and Noor while the name of that lucky person is Ejaz. Shahnaz and Noor used to live in the same locality in Muzaffargarh.

A good bond of friendship was formed between the two. However, Shahnaz then got married with Ejaz. In such a situation, Shahnaz and Noor got away. But both did not stay away for long. What happened for this was very special.

After getting married, Shahnaz came to her in-laws' house. Even though Noor and Shahnaz had been away from each other, but both used to meet frequently. Noor often used to go to Shahnaz's house to meet her.

During this, something happened between the two that now both are living together. Actually Shahnaz got her friend Noor married with her husband. Now all three are living together. Ejaz is a tailor by profession.

Please tell that Noor and Shahnaz did not want to be away from each other. What would have been done now that both could live together in one place? In such a situation, both together came up with a wonderful idea.

It was decided that Noor would marry Ejaz. For this, Shahnaz spoke to Ejaz and asked for permission from him. Ejaz had no objection to this. He got married second to Noor and now all three are living happily together.

Shehnaz is two and Noor is the mother of one child…

This matter remains in every discussion. People are talking a lot on the friendship of these friends. Please tell that Shahnaz and Noor have also become mothers. Shehnaaz has two children from Ejaz while Noor has one child. Noor said that all three of us are very happy together. We never fight.

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