Amazing: Morning never happens in this village of India, knowing the reason will fly away


Newz Fast, New Delhi: There are many such places in India, about which you will be surprised to hear. There are many such strange places about which even scientists could not find out what is the secret behind them.

You must have seen the sun setting every day and with that comes the evening, but there is a village in India where there is never evening.
Where there is never evening. This village is Kodurupka village in Peddapalli district of Telangana.

This village was once considered a special area for the Nizam rulers to roam. Now it is becoming a center of tourist attraction.
Please tell that there is never evening in this village. In the 24 hours consisting of day and night, only morning, afternoon and night watch come here.

The whole village is surrounded by hills

This village is surrounded by hills on all sides. For this reason, there is a lot of greenery here and the clean atmosphere is relaxing. Due to its specialty, this village is again becoming a tourist place.

Here the sun rises late and hides early. There are mountains around this village. There are Gola Gutta in the East, Ranganayakula Gutta in the West, Pamubanda Gutta in the South and Nambuladri Swami Gutta Hills in the North. For this reason, the sun rises and the time of setting is affected.

As soon as the sun rises here, the Gola Gutta hill located in the east becomes a wall of the rising sun. Because of this the sunlight reaches the village late. The sun's rays fall on the village with a delay of sixty minutes as compared to other places.

At the same time, due to the hiding of the sun behind the Ranganayakul Gutta hill, the village gets dark here only at 4 pm. Lights are lit in every house and street of the village at 4 pm. According to experts, the reflection and refraction of light are the main reasons behind the unusual weather conditions in the village.

Village people reach home by 3 o'clock

The special geographical conditions of the village have been affecting the day-to-day activities of the villagers. People complete their work early and reach their homes. Working women also reach their homes early by 3 pm.

With hills, greenery, a temple, and a water stream- Kanala Vagu flowing around the village, Kodurupaka village is an old tourist destination. People from nearby villages and towns are visiting the village to watch the sunrise and sunset.

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