Agarwood Farming: This wood is more expensive than gold, knowing the price will blow your senses

Agarwood Farming:

Newz Fast, New Delhi: When it comes to the most expensive things, the names of things like diamond, gold and silver are taken. But do you know that there is such a wood which is more precious than gold. Its name is Agarwood. It is the most expensive wood in the world.

Agarwood wood comes from the Aquilaria tree. It is also known as Aloewood or Eaglewood. Worldwide, this wood is found in Japan, Arabia, China, India and Southeast Asian countries.

For information, let us tell you that agarwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world. Its price is Rs 73 lakh per kg. If seen in a way, its price is more expensive than diamond.

Agarwood is used to make perfume

Agarwood is used to make perfumes and medicinal liquors. Agarwood wood is obtained from the Aqualaria tree after a long process and after it has been decomposed, it gives a gum or aud oil which is used in making perfume.

The price of this oil is Rs 25 lakh per kg. Talking about its production in India, Assam is the largest producer of it. Actually Assam is called the capital of Agarwood.

It is also called God's wood

Because the price of agarwood is not according to the common man, it is also called God's wood. Its trees are found more in countries like China, Japan, Hong Kong.

Just like other expensive things are smuggled, similarly it is smuggled on a large scale due to its high price.

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