Aadhaar card: Baal Aadhaar card will be made for newborn children, it is necessary to have these documents

baal aadhar card

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Aadhar card is an important document, without it one cannot take advantage of any government scheme. Unique Identification Authority of India issues Aadhar card for newborns also.

Aadhar card is used from admission in school to opening of bank account. Without Aadhar card, children may have to be deprived of many government facilities.

The Government of India issues blue Aadhaar for children below the age of five years. Let's know about it...

Card will be made at Aadhar center or Anganwadi

This facility is already present in many hospitals of the country, when children are born, only then their Aadhar card is made. If you have missed making your child's Aadhar card, then you can go to your nearest Aadhar center or Anganwadi and get the child's card made.

You can also apply for Aadhaar online by going here. You will have to fill an enrollment form to generate Aadhaar for the child. With this some papers will be required.

UIDAI issues the blue colored child Aadhar card to you after receiving the application form of children below 5 years of age. This card is valid for five years. After that it has to be updated.

This is how the card is made

Aadhar card basically provides a 12 digit unique identification number by scanning the bio-metrics (fingerprint) and iris (retina scan) of an individual

But since the fingerprints and iris of a newborn child or a child below 5 years of age are not fully developed, UIDAI has started the process of filling the child aadhaar card online registration form for children.

Documents Required for Bal Aadhar Card

For this, you need the child's birth certificate or recognized school ID or photo ID, but if it is not there, then Aadhar card of one of the parents will be required.

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