A snake with 50 teeth was sitting near the woman in the kitchen


Newz Fast, New Delhi: A 50-toothed snake was found in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Seeing this, there was a crowd of people watching it.

The special thing is that this dangerous snake was hiding behind the utensils in the kitchen of a house. The snake came to know when the lady of the house was cooking food in the kitchen. He heard a strange sound nearby.

When he saw the utensils removed, his senses were blown away. After this, the family members immediately informed the snake specialist. The snake expert rescued the snake safely after half an hour of hard work.

The woman was working in the kitchen, a snake with 50 teeth was sitting nearby

After the rescue, the snake expert told the family that it is a snake of Indian Wolf species. It has 50 teeth in its mouth. Its teeth are so sharp that, if it catches its prey once, it is so strong that it is not possible to get rid of it. That is, whichever victim comes in its grip, it cannot be released again.

Snake caught after half an hour's effort

Let us tell you that this whole incident is from Napier Town of Jabalpur. Sanjana Nayak of the Nayak family living here was cooking in the kitchen. During this, he heard some sound behind the pot.

When he went near the utensils without mistaking this, he saw that there was a snake wrapped on the pot stand. Sanjana came out screaming and told the family about the snake. After this the family immediately informed Gajendra Dubey about it. As soon as the information was received, the snake expert who reached the spot caught the snake after about half an hour's effort.

Know about Indian Wolf Snake

By the way, this snake is considered venomous and harmless to humans. They often hunt rats and lizards in their homes. It looks like a krait from a distance. People kill it without knowing it. In appearance, it is somewhat different from a krait.

Its back is brown in colour, with yellowish white stripes. While the color of the back of the krait is bright black, on which there are milky white stripes. Its main food is lohtan, lizard. It is found in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.

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