7th Pay Commission: Good news for central employees, 18 months arrears confirmed, now 2.18 lakhs will be available in 3 installments

7th pay comission today 31 2022

Newz Fast, New Delhi: There is important news for central government employees, let us tell you that in the month of November, government employees can get great news.

This time there is to be a discussion on the arrears of dearness allowance of government employees beyond 18 months, for which the time has been fixed for talks with the cabinet secretary.

The representatives of the Employees and Pensioners Union will request the payment of the arrears during the meeting with the Cabinet Secretary.

Increased expectation of arrears among employees

Let us inform that no situation is being cleared on this yet because the government has already refused for 18 months DA.

But once again, the expectation about the employees has increased after getting the time to talk again. On the pressure of pensioners and employees union, the cabinet secretary has fixed time for discussion on this matter.

During this 11% DA was increased

During the old period, three arrears of central employees have not been received from January 2020 to June 2021. During this period 11 percent DA was increased by the government but its payment was frozen.

After the lockdown opened, the government lifted the ban on freeze DA. Then after July 2021, the increased dearness allowance was paid. But the employees did not get the money for the period of 18 months from January 2020 to June 2021.

The court accepted - this employees' right

Central employees say it is their right, the government should not stop money. The employees had also appealed in the court regarding the demand for arrears of dearness allowance.

The Supreme Court had asked the government to consider it. The court had said that this is the right of the employees. You can freeze it but can't stop it. Pensioners had also appealed to PM Modi regarding their DR arrears.

How much money will be made from DA Arrears?

If the central employees get the outstanding amount of DA, then a good amount will come in their account. According to an estimate, the DA arrears of employees at Level-3 can be between Rs 11,880 to Rs 37,554.

For Level-13 or Level-14, the arrears of employees can range between Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200. However, negotiations with the government can lead to settlement. In this case the figure will change.

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